Welcome to HVAC Air Flow and Pressure Measurement Training Page

Our goal is to provide you with the background and knowledge you need to be successful in making hvac air flow and pressure measurements.

You will find two version of training for most of these methods - with more added soon.

  • The overviews are intended to provide a shorter introduction (~ 8 minutes) when you are trying to decide which method will work best for you.
  • The Step by Step videos are more detailed instructions (~15 minutes) intended to provide support when you are first making measurements with the method.

Residential HVAC Air Flow Measurement Training

Overview of key considerations when selecting residential HVAC air flow measurement approach:

Methods Recognised by ANSI / ACCA / RESNET Standard 310 for Grading New Installations

Digital TrueFlow® Grid

Pressure Matching w/DuctBlaster®

Flow Hood

External Static Pressure & Fan Table


Other Common Methods

Traverse: Pitot

Traverse: Hot Wire

Traverse: Mini-Vane

Temp Rise / Split

Indoor Coil Static Pressure Drop

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